YLMSportScience is pleased to share its new online course “Recovery for Sports Performance” with PhysioTutors

In professional sports, every centimeter, second or percentage can make the difference between victory and defeat. While a lot of money is involved in professional sports, amateur athletes nonetheless fight for glory in their local leagues giving 100% every weekend.

Yet, many physiotherapists, performance coaches, fitness trainers & athletes themselves have little knowledge about how to optimize recovery in sports performance. Even worse, many misconceptions have spread that often have a negative influence on performance. This is unfortunate as a good recovery strategy can make the difference between loss and victory.

If you are unsure what you or your athlete should eat, drink & how to train, sleep and prepare before, during & after competition, then this online course is a MUST for you!

Here’s An Overview Of What You Will Learn in This Online Course:

🛀 1. Recovery for Sports Performance – Introduction  

💪🏽 2. Repair: Strategies to Promote Muscle Regeneration & to Reduce Muscle Soreness 

🍝 3. Restore: Managing Nutrition to Speed Up Glygocen Replenishment 

🥤 4. Rehydrate: Tips to Optimize Post-Exercise Rehydration 

🛌 5. Refresh: It’s not only about physiology – Strategies to promote mental recovery

🏋️‍♂️ 6. Recovery:  Is it all about post-exercise strategies? The importance of a good physical & mental preparation on the recovery kinetic

🎓 7. Sports Performance Recovery Course Quiz

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Happy to have contributed to this new online course: FSI Certificate of Specialist in Football Nutrition

The FSI Certificate of Specialist in Football Nutrition is an international online program aimed at professionals whose goal is to develop the nutritionist role in professional football with proficiency and success. The student who obtains the FSI Specialist in Football Nutrition degree is accredited by FSI faculty as having the necessary skills to work competently as a specialized nutritionist in a professional football team or as a personal nutritionist of a professional football player.

All the professors of this program are top-level scientists and practitioners in some of the best football clubs in the world. Their knowledge is invaluable for the students, and from FSI we are proud to offer it for the empowerment of the football professionals and for the advance in football science.

  • 24/7 access
  • 19 topics
  • 25 hours of video lessons
  • 19 international teachers
  • Agreements with professional football clubs for employment
  • 1200€ 1080€


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The registration is now available for the 2nd Promotion of the Football Science Institute International Online Master in Football (Strength & Conditioning)


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In this course, I give the following lectures :
– Managing recovery during congested fixtures
– Managing recovery during non-congested fixtures
– Nutritional supplementation in soccer (Part 1) : Performance-enhancing supplements
– Nutritional supplementation in soccer (Part 2): Health, adaptation & recovery

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YLMSportScience App’s 1st Anniversary!

🎂 This weekend marks the 1st anniversary of the launch of YLMSportScience app on Apple Store & Google Play

In one year, we posted 316 infographics on the last novelties in sport science about training, nutrition, recovery, injury prevention & rehabilitation, youth athletes & health. The infographics are now available in 4 languages on the app (English, French, Spanish & Portuguese), what helps us to share them all around the world 🌍🌎🌏

Everyday, you are more & more subscribers to follow us. This anniversary is a good occasion to thank all of you for your support 👋🙏

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🇫🇷 Masterclass – Le Replay “Entraînement, Nutrition & Récupération: Quoi de neuf en sciences du sport?”

Le 16 mai 2019, j’ai eu le plaisir de participer à une journée d’échanges organisée par Trans-Faire sur les dernières tendances en sciences du sport en matière d’entraînement, de nutrition et de récupération. Co-animée avec des intervenants issus du sport de haut niveau (A. Broussal, S. Durand, A. Aubry & F. Patalagoïty), cette Masterclass a été l’occasion d’échanges stimulants dont voici quelques extraits.

Les principales thématiques abordées lors de cette Masterclass ont concerné le renforcement musculaire pour les sports à propulsion horizontale & verticale et pour les sports d’endurance, la planification de l’entraînement, la périodisation nutritionnelle et la récupération.

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Football Science Institute

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In this course, I give the following lectures :
– Managing recovery during congested fixtures
– Managing recovery during non-congested fixtures
– Nutritional supplementation in soccer (Part 1): Performance-enhancing supplements
– Nutritional supplementation in soccer (Part 2): Health, adaptation & recovery

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🔔 It’s Here: HIIT Course is Open for Enrollment

Hi everyone,

For a limited time, enrollment has REOPENED for the Science and Application of HIIT Course.

The course is online, self-paced and fully accredited for interested students, sports scientists or coaches.

Interested learners can click the link below to enroll:


Why Focus on HIIT?

HIIT has revolutionized training and performance across many sports – when done properly. But it can be challenging to implement HIIT to solve the programming puzzle for athletes and teams.There’s just so much we need to consider to get the programming right.

We believe that what you will gain as a student or practitioner from our HIIT Course is summed up nicely through Jack Nayler’s experience:

“The original ‘Science and Application of HIIT’ review articles – the basis for the HIIT Science course – were an instrumental resource that influenced how I think about training and go about my programming in top level clubs. It showed me how to think about objectives first, before content. Understanding this simple point helps to keep programming on track and tailor exercises to the individual player needs.”

Jack Nayler. Head of Sports Science at Glasgow Celtic FC (formerly Chelsea, PSG and Real Madrid)

This is the driving reason for our Course efforts, and we’re pleased it has received lots of positive feedback already:

The Science and Application of High-Intensity Interval Training is not your typical book or course. You will not be given a recipe that you simply copy and give to your athletes. Your knowledge will be put in check, and then it will be taken to another level. You will be challenged to think about your training, analyze what you’re seeing, and make the necessary changes needed to optimize your practice. Combined, after finishing the HIIT Science material, you will grow as a professional like never before.”

Daniel Peso – Master of High Performance Sports (Madrid University – Spanish Olympic Committee)

“The information presented in the Science and Application of HIIT course has changed my way of individualizing training for my handball players already. It’s truly a resource that all strength and conditioning coaches should use.”

Peter Glas Swedish National Handball Team

Why This Course?

There are alternatives to the HIIT Course to figure out your programming puzzle and optimally condition athletes, including:

  • Traditional university courses, which often don’t include the latest research or knowledge from experts actively using HIIT with athletes
  • Keeping up with the hundreds of new research papers on the topic, and translating their findings into practical application for your sport
  • Crossing your fingers and learning on the job as you go
  • Reaching out to experts one-by-one, and building a network over many years

But they require years of time and money plus a good dose of trial-and-error and luck.

The HIIT Course combines the latest research and decades of in-field experience into one comprehensive cost-effective course. We are grateful to have the priceless experiences and contributions of our instructors, including:

  • Dr Duncan French from the UFC Performance Institute, and his approach to preparing combat sport athletes
  • Dr Jamie Stanley from the Australian Institute of Sport, and his approach to preparing cyclists and distance runners
  • Dr Tom Vandenbogaerd from Swimming Australia, and his approach to preparing swimmers
  • Dr Nic Gill from the New Zealand All Blacks, and his approach to preparation of rugby players
  • Notwithstanding our own approaches in football, handball, triathlon and middle distance running preparation…. plus so many more.

What can you expect from the HIIT Course?

Enrollees should expect to spend 2-3 hours per week over 12 weeks to complete the core science section (but can always progress faster or slower, as required). You’ll receive weekly video lectures, lesson comments, knowledge-check quizzes and opportunities to interact with instructors and fellow students.

The course is fully accredited by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and awaiting approval from others including the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES). More accreditation applications are planned, so do let us know your requirements to help us help you.

Click the link below to enroll and enjoy lifetime access before it closes in 10 days: https://hiitscience.com/hiit-course?afmc=3c