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YLMSportScience infographics have now their own app ! Available in English, French, Portuguese & Spanish

If you are interested to find out what is new in sport sciences to improve your performance or your coaching strategies, this app will be perfect for you.

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3-day free trial 

Each week, five infographics will be added to the library of the app, 6 weeks before their publication on the website. The infographics will be systematically available in three languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. A direct link will also permit to the reader to get access to the original article summarized by the infographic.

To facilitate the experience of the user, the infographics are classified in 8 main categories (New, Training, Nutrition, Competition, Recovery, Injury, Youth and Health). A search engine listing more than 130 items will also help the user to identify the infographics addressing her/his areas of interest.

The app is available with a subscription of 3 or 12-months, automatically renewed at the expiration date. The subscription can be canceled at any moment directly on the app by the user.

The first 72-h of the first subscription to the app is free. After this period, the subscription will be charged:

  • 3-month = 7.49 euros or equivalent
  • 12-month = 24.99 euros or equivalent

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