YLMSportScience is pleased to share its new online course “Recovery for Sports Performance” with PhysioTutors

In professional sports, every centimeter, second or percentage can make the difference between victory and defeat. While a lot of money is involved in professional sports, amateur athletes nonetheless fight for glory in their local leagues giving 100% every weekend.

Yet, many physiotherapists, performance coaches, fitness trainers & athletes themselves have little knowledge about how to optimize recovery in sports performance. Even worse, many misconceptions have spread that often have a negative influence on performance. This is unfortunate as a good recovery strategy can make the difference between loss and victory.

If you are unsure what you or your athlete should eat, drink & how to train, sleep and prepare before, during & after competition, then this online course is a MUST for you!

Here’s An Overview Of What You Will Learn in This Online Course:

🛀 1. Recovery for Sports Performance – Introduction  

💪🏽 2. Repair: Strategies to Promote Muscle Regeneration & to Reduce Muscle Soreness 

🍝 3. Restore: Managing Nutrition to Speed Up Glygocen Replenishment 

🥤 4. Rehydrate: Tips to Optimize Post-Exercise Rehydration 

🛌 5. Refresh: It’s not only about physiology – Strategies to promote mental recovery

🏋️‍♂️ 6. Recovery:  Is it all about post-exercise strategies? The importance of a good physical & mental preparation on the recovery kinetic

🎓 7. Sports Performance Recovery Course Quiz

Click here to discover this course

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