One thought on “‘Want to See My Report, Coach?’ 3 Components of Effective Sport Science Support

  1. spruzzamist says:

    This is excellent. Thanks for adding this perspective to traditional statistical analysis. It’s a bit like the differences in establishing public policy and what’s actually happening to individuals. It also seems to unpack the hidden benefits to specific individuals and a specified “variable” and what happens to the population. Just like some patients actually do respond to a new drug treatment but on a population basis there is no “statistical” benefit. Athletes aren’t dealing with “life & death” situations and often are willing to “experiment” on a individual level. If it works for them they could “care less” about the stats. As we are launching a new solution for keeping athletes 20 degrees cooling on the bike for the entire ride we are finding some resistance to change based on the fact no one has “experienced” this solution. Once it’s tried on the individual basis the MBI is huge. That being said our field study did reveal significant statistical results as well. Anyway very much enjoyed the article and the additional perspective on analyzing findings / data. Thank You, David CarrozzaPresident, Spruzza  Spruzza Mist  Spruzza Mist     


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