5 thoughts on “Consensus Statement On Concussion In Sport: Graduated Return-To-Sport Strategy

  1. Charley Keen says:

    Hi Yann

    I love this info graphic and would love to display it at the junior ice hockey conference weekend in a couple of weeks time to complement the posters of the ‘Head Check’ campaign that was launched to raise awareness of concussion in ice hockey.

    I am therefore contacting you to request your permission to print and display with your citation included?

    Many thanks

    English Ice Hockey Association – Head of Medical


  2. Gwyneth de Vries says:

    Hi Yann

    Love the poster. Would very much like to put it up in my office where I see patients with concussions. I would like to request your permission to reprint the poster (with your citation of course). Is there a jpeg (or other) file available to download for printing?

    Thank you so much


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